Bundle DAO
A quick guide to common phrases used in our documentation and UI
    NAV (Net Asset Value): This is the price of one unit of a Bundle if redeemed for it's underlying assets.
    Market Cap: The cumulative value of an asset or Bundle based on the number of circulating units and it's current market price.
    APY: The yearly return of a yield generating position when compounding returns once daily.
    APR: The yearly return of a yield generating position without compounding.
    Mint: The process of converting underlying assets to Bundle tokens.
    Redeem: The process of converting Bundle tokens back to it's underlying assets.
    Oracle: A contract responsible for aggregating data. Bundle utilizes a TWAP oracle that averages DEX prices over a 15 minute period.
    DEX: Decentralized exchange.
    AMM: Automated market maker.
    Staking: The process of rewarding users for some useful action in the form of governance / protocol tokens.
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