Bundle DAO


Rebinding is an uncommon role, but is still required to ensure the proper functioning of the protocol. Rebinders handle tokens that are left in a Bundle, but not associated with the index asset. This may result when the weight of an underlying token is changed to 0, or unsupported tokens are sent to the contract. Specifically, a Rebinder will call a Bundle's Unbinder contract, converting and swapping the unbound token back to the fund for a small reward. Note that this is once again a somewhat technical role, but is ultimately fairly straightforward.

How to Participate

In the above scenario, a user may call the gulp function on a Bundle for the unbound token in question. This returns funds to the Unbinder for handling if the token isn't bound, otherwise adjusting the internal balance sheet if a token is bound.
Once funds are in the Unbinder, a user may simply call the distributeUnboundToken function for the token in question. Upon successful execution, a small amount of that token will be rewarded to the Unbinder for his or her effort.
Last modified 4mo ago