Bundle DAO


Rebalancers assume a more active role in the protocol, but stand to capitalize upon low-risk earning opportunities by executing swaps against a Bundle to ensure the desired asset distribution of the portfolio is maintained. For each swap, the protocol checks for profits from a given arbitrage trade (swapping into a bundle, and out through a DEX) and distributes a small portion of profits to the rebalancer while returning the majority of arbitrage profits back to the fund.
This is a role which may require some technical knowledge of our smart contracts, and how to interact with the network on a lower level. We currently do not have UI tooling supporting rebalancing, but may focus on it in the future if a demand is present.

How to Participate

A rebalancer will need to utilize our Rebalancer contract to execute swaps against a Bundle. Note that the contract is designed to revert if a trade is not profitable for the arbitrager (and thus the protocol), ensuring that callers receive at least the swapped amount in return.
Last modified 6mo ago