Bundle DAO

Bundle Token (BDL)

Bundle (BDL) will primarily serve as the governance token native to the platform. Bundle holders will both propose and vote to approve protocol upgrades, add new indices, add / adjust portfolio strategies, and manage the Bundle treasury. Expect updates soon on additional and exciting token utility!
Launch and Minting Distribution


Bundle DAO has taken a different approach to token distribution by providing a fair asset launch. Distribution and minting of token is exclusively controlled by the contract below:
Instead of engaging in a private sale or ICO, as is standard for most projects, we’ve committed to distributing tokens fairly in exchange for active contribution to the success of Bundle. Examples of such active contribution would be, for instance, providing liquidity and staking LP tokens!
BDL has a hard cap of 210 million tokens.

Block Rewards and Emission Schedule

Block rewards have been charted and displayed below, indicating BDL / block for each month over the course of two years. While rewards distribution will decay and eventually halt, it's important to note that new staking functionality will be implemented at such a time.
Emissions Schedule
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