Bundle DAO
Protocol Fees
In order for the protocol to remain sustainable and generate revenue for the team and BDL holders, some protocol fees are implemented, and will be described here.

Streaming Fee

Each Bundle is subject to a configurable streaming fee. Currently, the default fee is set to 2% of underlying assets, streamed over the course of a full calendar year.

Swap Fee

A swap fee of 2% is currently in place on any swaps against a given Bundle. This effectively acts as a threshold for rebalancing, while also acting as an additional yield generating mechanism for individuals investing in a given index. This fee is entirely distributed back to index token holders on rebalancing events.

Exit Fee

In order to incentivize minting and prevent against potential arbitrage attacks that may otherwise occur from Rebalancers, a default exit fee of 2% is placed on each Bundle. Note that, for security purposes, this fee should never fall below the swap fee.
Last modified 6mo ago